Understanding Extension Springs

Extension Springs for Controlled Tension

Extension springs, essential components in numerous applications, are designed to absorb and store energy while undergoing tensile loading. In this comprehensive guide, the functionality, applications, and variations of extension springs will be thoroughly examined.

Extension springs, subjected to tensile forces, extend in length when loaded and return to their original position when the load is removed. This unique property allows them to store energy and provide resistance to stretching. Keep reading this article to learn more about understanding compression springs

Functionality and Applications

Extension springs play a crucial role in various every day applications such as automotive suspensions, garage doors, trampolines, and even industrial machinery. They are particularly useful ad designed for situations in which controlled tension and energy storage are required.

Design Variations

Extension springs come in several design variations to suit different applications and load requirements. These include:

  • Open Loop Ends: These springs have loops at each end, allowing for easy attachment to other components.
  • Closed and Ground Ends: Featuring closed and ground ends for enhanced stability and durability.
  • Hook Ends: Equipped with hook-shaped ends for secure attachment.
  • Double Looped Ends: With two loops at each end, providing additional attachment options.

Selecting the Right Extension Spring

Engineers consider factors such as load requirements, operating conditions, and space constraints when selecting extension springs. They also take into account parameters like wire diameter, coil diameter, and material properties to ensure optimal performance. Contact the experts at Jackson Spring & Mfg. Co. Inc. to see how we can meet your extension spring needs.


Extension springs are versatile components with a wide range of applications across various industries. Understanding their functionality, design variations, and selection criteria is crucial for engineers and designers seeking to incorporate them into their projects.

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