Extension Springs

Jackson Spring can design the right extension spring to suit any need or application such as automotive interiors and exteriors, carburetors, appliances, farm machinery, and toys as well as thousands of other uses.

What Is An extension Spring?

How they work

Extension Springs for Controlled Tension

Energy-Storing Springs

Extension springs are essential mechanical components known for their ability to absorb and store energy while creating resistance to pulling forces. These springs are designed to expand and restore components to their original positions when tension is released.

Trampoline Springs
Snowplow project

Flexible Load Support​

One key characteristic of extension springs is their ability to support a wide range of loads and extension lengths. This flexibility allows extension springs to provide the desired amount of tension and force, making them ideal for applications that require controlled extension, such as doors, latches, farm machinery, and cable controls.

Farm Equipment Spring

Durable Industry Solutions

Extension spring design ensures resistance against corrosion, fatigue, and wear, allowing extension springs to withstand repeated cycles of extension and contraction without compromising their performance. With proper maintenance, extension springs offer long-lasting reliability, providing a cost-effective solution for industries that rely on their consistent force and functionality.

extension Spring Highlights

Versatile Manufacturing Capabilities


We use SAE and ASTM stainless steel, high carbon steel, and alloy wire between 0.020” and 0.237” in diameter depending on hook configuration.


We can form spring hooks into a number of shapes including extended hooks, side hooks, center hooks, and other custom configurations.


We can apply surface treatments such as zinc, black oxide, and color coatings to meet both corrosion resistance and aesthetic requirements.

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